San Stefanos has an abundance of restaurants for you to choose from, most of which are family run businesses. They serve traditional Greek home made cooking and most also offer international cuisine to suit all tastes.

Manthos Taverna,  was one of the first to open in San Stefanos and is now over 30 years old. This year (2019) it has been taken over by Andreas Avlonitis and his family(The family that ran Romanza Hotel Retsaurant for years).

The taverna is located on the beachfront, overlooking the most beautiful sunset points on the island! They are very famous for there Greek Nights with theregreek dancing, showing you the steps to join in with them, freshly prepard courses starting from Tzatziki dips all the way to BBQ!


Manthos Taverna
Manthos Taverna

Yiannis Grill Room is a friendly family run restaurant run by the young son Yiannis offering a wide selection of grilled dishes. It's situated just off the main street of San Stefanos on the road to Arillas, opposite Mythika. Yiannis Grill is popular with the locals here too, and that's a sure sign of great quality. They also offer traditional casserole dishes such as stifado and sofrito, all home cooked by Yiannis mother.

ZorbasZorbas is situated on the main street of San Stefanos opposite the Thomas Bay Hotel. It boasts a traditional home cooked Greek menu that you can enjoy by candlelight under the stars. The mood is set with Greek music playing in the background and they put on a show every night when they turn down the lights and set the floor alight as the waiters show off their traditional dancing skills. Pavlos, the owner even joins in with the dancing, lifting tables with his mouth! The specials board outside is updated daily with selections such as;

*Kokinisto - Pieces of beef tenderly cooked in a red wine and tomato sauce.
*Beef Tsiganiko - Pieces of beef cooked in red wine sauce and baked in the oven with aubergine and topped with feta cheese.

Barras is located on the main cross road at the end of the main street leading to the harbour or Arillas. It has a beautiful fountain decorating the outside seating area and is a popular choice for both families and couples. The cheerful atmosphere is created by George and his two sons Dimitris and Spiros. They offer traditional Greek cuisine that they have perfected over the last 20 years. Keep your eyes peeled for the delicious daily specials.

Waves tavernaThe Waves taverna is one of longest running eateries in San Stefanos and was at one point the location of the only telephone in the village. It's current owner, Angelos, has taken over the family run business from his father as is the tradition within many of the family businesses within San Stefanos. The Waves is located right on the beach and is a very popular choice for sun worshipers looking for a relaxed beachfront lunch, as well as in the evenings as guests dine in awe of one of the best views out over the Diapontia Islands that are illuminated every evening as the sun sets. The menu has a fantastic offering of Greek specialties as well as fresh fish dishes such as;

*Fresh sardines.
*Fresh squid.
*Home made moussaka.

Situated right on the peak of San Stefanos The Romanza Hotel welcomes non-resident diners to come and enjoy the breathtaking views out over the Diapontia Islands as the sun romantically sets behind them. It is a family run business and offers a selection of mouth watering dishes in the restaurant, all home made by the mother.
The restaurant its self is run by Kostas and his family, who will ensure that you have a very pleasant evening.

The Olympia restaurant is situated just out of the center of San Stefanos towards the quieter end of town. It is owned by Stelios who will welcome you and his brother Vassilis who is the head chef. It's a high quality Greek restaurant offering a wide selection of local dishes. Olympia is ideal if you are looking for an extra special treat with quality food set in a lovely atmosphere. There is a specials board outside that is updated daily and usually offers a two course meal (starter and main) for a very reasonable price. Olympia is also open for lunch and has a beautiful terrace where you can bask in the afternoon sun. As well as the usual favourites you can also expect to find within the menu;

*A great selection of fresh salads including Caesar salad.

Situated on the main road to the church right next to Nafsika hotel.
A new stylish-rustic Grill bar, Ideal for couples and families, offering 27 international labels of beer plus the world awarded local beer “Corfu Beer”.
You will taste beers from all types (blondes, red, black, draft etc…) that’ll make the journey in the world of beer a lasting pleasure! Enjoy inspired appetizers, delicious grilled meats, mouth watering dishes or the special dish of the day, all cooked with local and fresh produce Influenced by Greek, Italian and American cuisine.
Spiros the owner and his friendly staff will welcome you into a warm environment where you have the option to dine inside or out on the terrace.
The specials board outside is changed daily where you get the chance to taste something different every day.

Here are some of the delicious dishes that you’ll find in the menu list in very competitive prices:
*Pork shank with roasted potatoes cooked in with dark beer and herbs.  
*Stuffed beef-burger with tomato and cheese topped with four-cheese sauce.
*Fresh roasted potato with yoghurt and mayonnaise sauce
- open daily from 18:00pm.

Beer O'clock

Little Prince restaurantLocated just off the main strip of San Stefanos, the Little Prince is an authentic Greek restaurant and this is reflected in their home cooked meals. It's a lively restaurant with the waiters breaking into dance at every opportunity throughout the evening and the floor and tables being set alight in the process (on purpose mostly!) It's a great choice if you love being surrounded by Greek music and dancing. The restaurant has a large sheltered outside eating area elevated from the road side. Within the menu you will find all the traditional Greek favourites. Be sure to check the daily specials boards.

A fantastic new addition to the main strip of San Stefanos, this traditional Greek seafood restaurant has been going from strength to strength since it first opened its doors in 2015. Offering a fantastic selection of traditional dishes cooked to perfection, paired with friendly and accommodating service both out on the tables and in the kitchen, you are sure to have a great and wholesome experience. Brusko offers a great variety of dishes and you can even dine on a budget with their fixed menu.


1) his lively traditional restaurant is situated right on the main street of San Stefanos, next to Condor Bar. Its welcoming atmosphere will call to you, or if not, then the two canaries caged at the entrance will! 2 Stars is a Greek style restaurant serving both traditional and international cuisine. You'll find all your favourite Greek dishes here including moussaka, stifado and also daily specials.

The restaurant/taverna Mistral, which is located on the beachfront next to Manthos taverna.
It was reopened in 2009 under new management to give customers the feeling of home food and family environment.
The view of the beautiful sunset and its Greek cuisine alongside with the friendly and family atmosphere.
The menu includes fresh fish, Corfiot and some international dishes with plenty of love and passion in order to cover all tastes and give more choices to their customers.
In the restaurant their is a playground that can offer children the opportunity to enjoy themselves also surrounded by a huge garden with a variety of flowers.

Mistral Taverna
Mistral Taverna