The official language is Greek although in the tourist areas you will find many speakers of English and other European languages:


Corfu is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.


In midsummer the average temperature will generally be around 31ºC (88F) and in high summer you can expect 11-12 hours of sunshine per day. The island has regular rainfall with the probability of a few showers even in July and August.


The official currency is the euro.


There are 2 cashpoints in San Stefanos, one of which is located outside the Crystal Daisy gift shop beside the San Stefano Travel office and another in the foyer of the Thomas Bay Hotel.

However, some shops, supermarkets hotels and bars will accept your credit card. Many will levy a surcharge in order to recover their processing costs, please check first.


The nearest bank to San Stefano is in Acharavi which is half an hour by car, although many Tourist Information Offices and Hotels will exchange your Sterling for you. Look for the exchange sign and please be aware that travelers’ checks are no longer accepted by the majority of exchange counters.

Credit cards

Most large shops, restaurants, hotels and car hire firms accept major international credit cards, although a majority of shops and bars will only accept cash. It’s common to be charged a handling fee when paying by credit card.


These little blighters can be a nuisance although they are easily controlled with repellents and small electric machines which can be purchased from the local shops.


Greek plumbing leaves a lot to be desired as it uses small bore pipes, so bins are provided for toilet paper. It must not be flushed down the loo!


Many shops have metered telephones for which you must purchase a phone card in advance.


Dial 100 for police, 166 for an ambulance or 199 for the fire brigade, or contact your local tourist representative.

Safe Deposit

Keep your valuables safe by hiring a safe deposit box at San Stefano Travel see our " Useful Links "menu