There are two large supermarkets in San Stefanos, the longest running being Margaritas situated on the road to the beach and ASPA supermarket located on the main street in San Stefanos. They offer a wide variety of beers, wines and food as well as holiday gifts and souvenirs. There are also several smaller supermarkets dotted around the village offering the same type of goods but on a smaller scale. Most have milk, freshly baked bread and cakes along with fresh fruit and vegetables. They stock all the items that you would need from tea to shower gel. Most British brand names are available, but if not a similar brand in Greek packaging is a great substitute. Bottled water is widely used in Corfu and these local supermarkets sell large packets for next to nothing. If you’re a keen cook remember to stock up on famous Greek olive oil, spices and specialist ingredients that you can’t get back home. Most supermarkets also sell wines, spirits and cigarettes to bring back as duty free. A surcharge is generally taken if you choose to pay by credit card.