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San Stefanos news and views / Cost of air conditioning
« on: July 15, 2017, 04:01:40 PM »
We are being joined for one week of our holiday in August by my wife's mother and sister and one of her mum's friends. We never bother to pay extra for air con but they may want to as they might spend longer in their room so I wondered if anyone could give me a rough idea of how much it costs per night so I can let them know. They are staying at The Little Prince.

Hi, We are back in San Stef next Friday. My wife and I are staying in Little Prince again but two of our sons booked separately and are staying in Stematis Appartments. Our third son Michael did not think he would be able to get time off work to join us but has now decided he would like to join us for the first week. He has managed to book the last seat on our flight but has no accomadation booked. My son rang Thomson tonight to see if they could arrange for a third bed in their room but they were extremely unhelpful and said that he would have to contact the hotel direct. We are happy to do this but I cannot find any direct contact details anywhere so if anyone can provide a phone number or E-mail address I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

San Stefanos news and views / New poster
« on: July 11, 2015, 05:15:29 PM »
Hi folks I haven't posted on here before but have been reading some of the posts for a while. My wife and I first visited San Stef about 32 years ago before we were married. It was a lot quieter then with only five tavernas but we liked it so much we came back the following year. We revisited about eight years ago with our three boys and have been back several times since including the last two years. We are due back on 31st July (can't wait!) and just had a few questions. My wife wanted to check if the laundry opposite Ozzie Oil was still open as we normally make use of it? We were also wondering if the Zest for Life Juice bar was now closed as we know Kerry's parents weren't going to be running it this summer? Final question (for now) was whether Tassos and his dad were still running the Silver Star as I read on one thread that they may not be? I'm sure we'll think of some more before we visit but that's all for now so thanks in advance for your replies.

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