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Olive Groves

Local Walks

Walk through the olive groves

( 4.75km approx 1hr 30 minutes )

This walk through the olive groves was the first ever walk that we tried in Corfu, A nice easy stroll out, not too tiring with the added bonus that its downhill all the way home!

An easy start point is the Barras apartments in the centre of San Stefanos turning left out of the main street and walking along the main road towards Arillas. You will pass Town pizza on your left and Nova Car Rental to the right.

There is a small road just past a tennis court. Turn left, down this road passing the greenhouses to your left, and keep walking towards the Rose Garden holiday apartments in the distance. Continue to follow this road past the very basic yet quaint looking local properties.

The road turns to the right and then left. A modern looking factory to your right (the local laundry) confirms that you are on the right road. follow this road up into the hills, there are a couple of other tracks off of this road that are well worth exploring when you feel a little more adventurous, one of which will take you to Arillas. 

There is a tomb on the right hand side of the road, inside is a candle that is always alight. You will see a number of these little tombs erected to remember lost relatives as you explore Corfu. Out of respect we have always declined to photograph.

The road we want climbs up into the hills round an S bend passing a local artificial football pitch to your left. At the top of the hill the road reaches a junction, for San Stefanos (turn left) and Avliotes (turn right) from this point you have a choice of three routes back to San Stefanos.

The distance to this junction is approx 2.75km.

Olive Groves

Route 1 from junction

Turn left and follow the road back to San Stefanos, this route will give you some great views through the olive groves down towards the sea and as you get closer to home great views across the town and bay towards the old harbor and church.

The road climbs up-hill past some traditional Greek properties on both sides of the road. As you climb the hill you can just about make out the sea in the distance through the olive trees to the right. Just follow the road and you will soon be at the top of the steep winding road back down to the village.

Just before your reach the top of the hill look out for the Voula Apartments to your left. From the back of these apartments there is a great view across the valley towards Arillas. You can just about make out the path on the top of the cliff as it makes its way towards Arillas.

Continue along the road passing the Romanza Hotel to your right and the Tereza Pool Bar on your left. You will soon reach the Sunset Taverna an ideal place to stop for a drink or lunch at the end of the main street which, takes you back to the Barras Apartments where you first started out.

Olive Groves

Route 2 from junction

The second way home from the road junction takes you through a cool path through the olive trees. You need to take care however as this route is largely an unmade road and a good pair of shoes is a must. Immediately to the left of the junction you will notice a steep path climbing up into the olive groves, at first it looks as if you are doubling back on yourself don't worry.

A very peaceful walk under the shade of the olive trees to keep you cool, as long as you don't stray from this main path the route back to San Stefanos is very straightforward.

The last part is down a very steep slope towards the town, having to walk from side to side to avoid the deep ruts, the road finally approaches the village centre at the tourist office virtually opposite the Aspa supermarket.

Route 3 from junction (courtesy of Roy and Susan)

The third way home from the road junction takes you through a cool path through the olive trees and down to the beach in San Stefanos. This route is largely an unmade road although, the track is wide and easy to follow.

Turn left and follow the road back towards San Stef at the top of the hill you will see an apartment block on your right. There are (2 small lions on the gate posts). Take the minor road on the right that runs alongside the apartments. You will then pass a small church with a large Oleander bush/tree outside, There are a couple of seats outside, so this is a good place to rest and take in the views.

The road soon turns a junction of tracks. There are 3 tracks, take the left hand track and follow this down through the Olive Groves. Towards the end the path gets a little steep as it leads onto the beach. When you arrive at the beach turn left and walk along the beach back towards San Stefanos.

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