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Re: Thomas Cook ......GONE.
« Reply #15 on: September 26, 2019, 01:15:46 PM »
Maggie, that's the TUI rep that helped us in July.  She is fantastic and offered to meet us at the airport, on our departure, on her day off, as we had a few problems.

Yes she was excellent and his transport turned up spot on time this morning.

So many ordinary hard working people are going to suffer and full marks to those hotels who are treating their guests  with humanity.
Were I in such a position I would make sure I returned to that hotel at some time in the future whenever possible
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Re: Thomas Cook ......GONE.
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Absolutely right. They are not preferential creditors. They are, to put it in the vernacular, totally stuffed. The bigger chains will swallow the loss and gain a great deal of PR, but the small hotels will suffer enormously. The travel world has been self-evidently changing for a long time. Younger people particularly are booking bucket-flights and using AirBnB. Many visitors to Agios Stefanos now prefer to get a flight and book local non-aligned accommodation. TC's dinosaur management failed to grasp this. Having loads of High Street shops is pointless. BA saw this years ago, and closed them all. I fully expect TUI to follow suit before long. We have a TUI shop five minutes away on a free bus, but we've never used it to book anything. In January 2019 TUI closed 100 UK shops.


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