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San Stefanos news and views / The long and winding road?
« on: May 06, 2017, 02:31:15 AM »
Have booked a week for my daughter and I at the Romanza at the end of the month but have been a little economical with the truth ref the hill!
I have had drinks there before, but have only approached the hotel from the road as my husband uses a mobility scooter.
How accessible is the beach please? I assume there is a path down but not sure as we haven't really explored this end of the village as we usually stay at Margarita's and prefer the older end of the village.
I need to get my story straight (or at least prepare the ground) before we arrive! 😜

Out and About / Oh to be somewhere sunny!
« on: November 07, 2014, 01:23:28 AM »
Working outside in the weather of the last few days has been a bit grim. Last summer seems a long way off and next summer's visits even further away.
I know where I would rather be!

Where to stay / Make that 9
« on: May 19, 2014, 01:30:16 AM »
Two of our daughters plus partners and Grandaughter are joining us in August for a bit of a family get together. Thought I'd have a nose at the Thomson website to see what was happening re prices......(always a bit worrying when you've booked so long ago).
Amazed and a bit shocked to see the prices to be honest.
One week at Little Prince (where they are staying) August 8-15 £776 p/p
One week Nafsika, half board from Exeter £388 p/p........couldn't believe it £388!!!!!!
Booked immediately for eldest daughter and partner so there are now 9 of us.
Feeling happy but rather guilty, thinking how little Speros will see from that...will need to make sure we all visit regularly and eat and drink plenty.
Difficult, but we'll manage somehow.
Roll on August....and Saturday.

Where to stay / Who are you kidding Thomson?
« on: September 12, 2013, 12:12:54 AM »
We are fortunate to be going back next year and have also booked two of our daughters and their partners into the Little Prince for two weeks in August.
I then tried to book flights from Exeter to coordinate our travel plans, flights which had risen sharply in price from £518 to £648.98 per person (basic flight, no bags etc)....(we are staying at Margarita's as one of the suites has disabled access and shower).
Richard and I then decided that after a fortnight all together with a 2yr old we might need a third week to recover!
Phoned Thomson as we were unable to book a three week return flight online and were told the price for the two of us from Exeter to Corfu from 8-29/8 would be.......£1571, basic return flight no bags!
Could anyone give an idea of when sleazy jet flights for August are likely to go live? way are we going to pay that Mr Thomson!

Where to stay / Little Prince?
« on: September 08, 2013, 04:23:32 PM »
Apologies as I know it has probably been posted before, but are the Little Prince studios large enough for 2 adults and a 2 year old?
We need somewhere near Margarita's for family next August and cost/lack of reasonable flights are making it very difficult to justify all going independently.
It looks like Thomson is our only choice and we need accommodation for 4 adults and a child in total.
I know there is a lift there which is also a bonus as my husband (with scooter) can access them, just a bit concerned the family might feel a bit squashed in a studio.
Thanks for your thoughts/ opinions.

San Stefanos news and views / Guess who's back??
« on: July 31, 2013, 03:04:58 PM »
Making a return to the beach today like the proverbial bad penny!.........You just knew he wouldn't stay away!
(Fortunately not doing much business).

Where to stay / Woohoo!
« on: April 15, 2013, 09:53:08 PM »
After a pretty rubbish 18 months health wise for my husband, we decided last night to take a long shot and email Noula just to see if she had any disabled friendly accommodation for any time over the summer.
It was hard to imagine that the accessible suite at Margarita's would be available but worth a try!
Absolutely delighted to find that we could book two weeks from July 26th. Booked flights from Exeter and hey presto, we're heading back. Can't believe we've been able to sort it so quickly and easily!
Not the cheapest holiday we will probably ever have, but I can't imagine one more desperately needed!
Thanks again Noula.........get ready to get on that scooter!!
Helen x

San Stefanos news and views / Weather in May
« on: January 11, 2011, 01:22:35 AM »
Could someone please give an indication of the type of weather usually found between the middle/end of May and the first week in June?
My daughter and her boyfriend can only travel outside the footy season and they would like to try somewhere different to Turkey which is very warm at that time.
I know SS isn't exactly a young person's resort, but she really liked the place when she came with us last year!
Funny that!!!

Thanks in advance..

Where to eat out in San Stefanos? / Wristbands and bars
« on: July 18, 2010, 02:07:35 PM »
Could someone please explain about "wristbands" and bars? - have noticed one or two comments about them.
I assume they work abit like a/i in hotels?
We have 4 x twenty somethings with us so if we can save some cash by being loyal to someone we will!
Really liked the Athens bar last year but like the sound of Bar 38/Aquarios too!
Looking fwd to exploring more this year!
Thanks all

Where to eat out in San Stefanos? / Tipping
« on: July 12, 2010, 10:28:46 PM »
Hello all
At last we are allowing ourselves to think about our holiday in August....countdown to the end of term has started!
I know tipping can be a bit of a contentious subject but would just like to know what is considered a suitable % to tip when eating out in SS?
Last year we stayed at the Nafsika, so it was easy as we saw the same people everyday and got to know them well.
This time, (and because there are six of us) we are staying with Noula at the Theodosia apts and are planning to spread our wings and visit many of the restaurants talked about here.
In this country we would do 10-15% and in America 15-20% for good service and would hate to offend by getting it wrong. Likewise, would you tip the lady who cleans the apt daily/weekly or at the end of our two weeks?.... and again, approx how much?
Thanks in advance

San Stefanos news and views / Theodosia Apts with San stef travel
« on: September 13, 2009, 02:31:26 PM »
Thanks to ppl who replied about access to apts via quads a while back.
A couple of you mentioned Theodosia apts and they have availability for our dates next year.
A couple of q's if you don't mind again!
Noula has offered 2 x ground floor apts. 1x2bed 1x1bed
 Is there any view?
 What is the area immediately outside like? Is there space to park a wheelchair/quad/scooter
 How basic are they? (only 1 room pic on website) and what kind of "living space" do they have?
Would be grateful for help as need to decide between this and another fairly sharpish!

Thanks in advance again!

San Stefanos news and views / Disability in SanStef
« on: September 03, 2009, 09:24:17 PM »
I am hoping someone will be able to help!
My husband is unable to walk far and uses a wheelchair to get about when necessary but we were able to enjoy a great 2 weeks in San Stefanos in August by staying at the Nafsika which was handy because of it's proximity to the beach and he could manage on crutches.
From the Nafsika we were able to "push" to the newer part of the resort, which to be honest wasn't easy ( a bit hilly up from Margarita's super market!!) but we managed but some parts of the resort were simply not accessible.
We would like to return with our family next summer and the original plan was for the two of us to go back to the Nafsika and get an apartment for the girls close by.
I would like to be able to get a place for all of us but there are so many hills around that anything too far from the road is a no no - unless we maybe hire a quad bike for the time there? Cost of car hire for an automatic transmission car is prohibitively expensive( we tried thru Noula at SS travel), but automatic transmission on a quad would be fine.
Apart from an incident when a girl went thru the railings at the Beachcomber one morning at breakfast during our stay I think this may be an answer to our probs. Does anyone have an email address for Spiros please? - I am hoping he may do me a deal for 2 weeks! I have a phone no. but not brave enough to phone cold.
Would be really grateful for any advice etc or your thoughts.
Also apts in the old part of town - obv I have Vagelis's details but all ideas gratefully received - there will be 6 of us.

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