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Corfu General Hospital
« on: February 12, 2017, 02:54:02 PM »
 There has been a lot of publicity lately about the failings of our NHS,Believe me if you have ever had the misfortune to visit Corfu General Hospital you will realise how fortunate we are.
 In September last year my husband had a very bad fall and, after treatment from the local doctor in Arrilas, we had to take a taxi to Corfu for Xrays at the hospital.
 The facilities provided were what you might expect in a third world country.The only wheelchair available was broken,some of the seats in the waiting area were also broken,there was no paper,soap or handtowels in the toilet.Patients were walking about holding their IV drips above their head because there were no stands to put them on.
 Apparently most of the staff were on strike,not surprising as they haven't been paid for months,the few who were on duty looked tired and demoralised,I felt sorry for them having to work in those conditions. There was only one Orthopaedic Surgeon on duty for the whole hospital and we had to wait for him to finish his ward rounds before he could look at the Xrays.
 Fortunately after having his arm put in plaster we were able to leave.
 I have nothing but praise for the treatment received from Dr Yiannis and his wife from Arrilas,they were with us within minutes of the accident,they took us to their surgery and stitched up a very nasty head wound(about 35 stitches).They came out to visit two days later
to change dressings and replaster the arm.
 I was grateful for the kindness of other people waiting to be seen at the hospital who waited with my husband while I went searching for a taxi back to Agios Stefanos,by this time it was after midnight.
 I used to wonder why our friends chose to go to the mainland for any medical treatment when they had what appeared to be a perfectly good and fairly new local hospital on their doorstep,I know why now.
 It says it all when one friend has been collecting sheets from hotel and apartment owners,who are renewing theirs, to donate to the hospital. 

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Re: Corfu General Hospital
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2017, 03:54:50 PM »
I wish people would stop moaning about the NHS. It is not perfect, but it does a pretty good job.

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Re: Corfu General Hospital
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2017, 11:02:13 PM »
As an expat living in Belgium for the last 11 years I see things a bit different from the other side of the fence..firstly the N H S is totally overstaffed, too many chiefs and not enough praise for the indians who work so hard under stressfull conditions and give their all .then you have the chiefs getting paid stupid money for giving advice and planning that to me dosent come to plan..
Here in Belgium we all have private medical care that on average is around €35 a month for total cover...We can see our local doctor when we need to and will be with them for at least 20 minutes, we pay 25€ per visit but claim back 20€ from the medical insurance..if needed you will get any type of scan within 3 days, you will always see the specialist amd not be fobbed off .
More medication here needs prescriptions than the uk but we dont have to pay stupid money for individual items, again we get at least 50% of the cost back through the insurance, and in some cases its free if your on long term medication.
Also a big plus is our insurance is valid in any country, so no astronomical travel insurance to pay and that is regardless of any illness you may have when traveling..All you do is just inform them when and where you are going...
 So to me the NHS is an absalute disaster for the amount you pay...


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